April 18, 2012

Been a while, eh?

Yes, well, something I have neglected, this blog.
Let's see; I have assembled the four Sherlock Holmes stories that are located in Hampshire into a single e-book, The Hampshire Expedition.
I am almost done with getting Eland Dances into print. My daughter, Penny, is going through the proof print copy, which I've already done, and I shall make the needed corrections and upload that & the final version of the cover to CreateSpace, & whoopee, in print!
The Hampshire Expedition will follow into a Dead Tree Book version very soon after that, and then a 2nd edition of my very first little short story book, Heavy & Light Tales. There will be some stories chopped out & a few added in, plus some editing.
Finally, a print version of Stone Song.
That all seems like a lot of work, but actually it isn't, since the writing is done. All that is required is a careful edit and some formatting, and of course a cover that extends across the spine and back of the book.
I hope it will go smoothly,as all this is while spring does its thing, and I do my spring stuff, like gardening, getting the pond in shape, and redoing the wellhouse roof. The pond needs a new liner. I tried moving the old one so the visible holes were above the waterline, but it still leaks.

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