January 23, 2012

2012, and the first day of the Year of the Water Dragon

Well, now, let's see. In keeping with the spirit of this Year, I intend to forge ahead boldly, to make the future happen.
I have now published 2 more 'Sherlock Holmes Investigates' stories, 'The Free Trade Consortium' & 'The Lascar's Fate'
& http://amzn.to/xZVJ4I
I intend to assemble the 4 stories located in Hampshire around 1891 into one continuous narrative, and publish that as a novel length work. Those 4 stories are 'Lady Chatterleys Voodoo Dolls' 'The Pink Jewel Conundrum' 'The Free TRade Consortium' and 'The Lascar's Fate'
There is also a story with Hercules Zungo, the witchdoctor from the Kafue River Valley, and Josh Green, the New Forest Gypsy, as the protagonists. This is somewhat steam-punky, and they are involved in some dubious enterprises, the sort of things S. Holmes could not be associated with, and so must have a story all their own, split off from the Sherlock stories. Not quite finished yet.
Also, I have posted 3 more poems on the Poetry page of this blog. Take a look.

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