August 17, 2007

getting published

Wow I never thought getting published was so difficult. There are lots of wanna-be writers, and only a limited number of magazines for short stories, and as for books, well they want a history of publication. So the whole thing is like the job market for new immigrants, where they ask for Canadian Experience, and discount totally anything from elsewhere.
Right now I am plugging away at one story, my Hunting Elephant theme, trying to get it to a point where it is irresistable to editors(as if). I have about 8 versions, of various lengths. Part of the difficulty is presenting the scientific rationale behind the infra-sound concept in a readable and engaging way. At least now a mainstream scientist has done a Scientific Study that proves elephants communicate in this way. Inevitably this is presented as a brand new Discovery, all prior knowledge of this not acknowledged at all. Ah well

April 26, 2007


For the past while i have been working on a novel, which is now around the 70,000 word mark, and some days i think it is complete, and of course some days, well, not yet. Having a small group of other aspirant authors read and critique my work has helped a lot, as has seeing their works develop. Tomorrow we meet again, as we have once every month for a while now. Right now I am looking for a (new) title for the book, and then a publisher, or perhaps an agent.
Doubt it will a big seller, it doesnt fit any particular Genre. But once it it out there in the world, perhaps I can start something else.
Before I begin the next, I shall be sure to narrow down my target field, my audience, into some definable category.