October 26, 2011

Eland Dances new cover

Some good news today.
First, Hannah Warren has posted an 'author interview' with me on her blog.


Secondly, I have permission from the Bradshaw foundation to use one of their images of San rock art for the cover of Eland Dances.
I chose the image they call the 'Rossetta Stone' of San rock Art, the picture of a dying eland with a shaman from Game Pass shelter in the Drakensberg.
Click on the Title to see the new cover on Amazon UK

October 7, 2011

Sherlock sells

Rambling until I think of something brilliant -- I don't know why the writing I invest the least in proves most popular with readers with whom (as far as I know) I have no contact. I am thinking here of the fact my Sherlock Holmes stuff does sell, while the novels don't. Could be the blurbs, covers, etc are just not eyecatching enough? Could it be the demographic of ereaders who browse in the underworld of the Hundreds-of-thousands from-the-top Best-sellers are looking for plain take me away entertainment, no heavy stuff?
Whatever the reason, the message is plain, write more Schlock (Holmes I mean).
I'd better get on that today, really, what with Nanowrimo coming fast. I hope to get out a Sherlock shortie, and then plunge into November writing frenzy, and emerge into a brilliant December buying frenzy on Amazon, while I edit and rewrite whatever might emerge from NanoWr.
Also, of course, I have to get in winter firewood, decobweb the house (grandaughter wont visit a House of Spiders), finish the basement in the London house now the tenant is moving out, while there's still money in the bank. Then another higher paying tenant or sell??