June 19, 2012

Grace's Mirtillis, and my S. Holmes

Today I had a nice surprise in my mailbox. A copy of my daughter's ex-neighbour's cookbook, 'Grace's Sweet Life'  for me to review. Looks yummy, lots of colour pics of delicious desserts, with easy clear directions. To drool over. How Grace can cook all this stuff and stay skinny is a miracle. Because she has made everything in the book a few times. 200 pages of stuff like:-
 Piccolo Torta al Crema di Formaggio e Cioccolato Bianco con composta di Mirtilli - Mini Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecakes. That takes 4 pages, including a full page illustration. I will eat those, but somehow doubt I will manage to produce them with my toaster oven and propane stove.
Now, the last one in the book, I just might manage. Pere al Vaniglia - Vanilla Poached Pears. I even have almost all the four ingredients - water(yup) sugar (yup, well, she says demarara, but) pears (yup, as it happens) 1 vanilla bean (no, but I know where to get that) cinnamon stick (yup, may be about five or six years old, but, yup)
Maybe I will try this. Later.
Back to my own books now. Yeah, yeah, boring. Thing is, I now have a small and potentially growing income from my stuff, so I should concentrate and nurse things along, not drool over Grace's Mirtilli's.
I have received two cheques from Amazon US since January, and my US revenue EIN has been received everywhere, so they won't withhold that nasty 30% for US taxes anymore. Smashwords will pay something equal to, or a bit more than, Amazon, at their next quarterly payout. Almost all of that is from sales of my Sherlock Holmes stuff, and mostly priced at $0.99.
I have a print edition of my Sherlock book out via Createspace, and a few people have bought it. Thank you, those guys. I am no promoter, of course, so it is sinking rapidly through the ranks on Amazon. But I have managed to get a book into print with very little fuss and bother, and all it cost was my time. If I spend $25 for extended distribution it can be bought from a number of outlets, and I will likely go ahead with that simply because then I can buy copies from Amazon Canada.
I wanted to buy half a dozen copies, to sell or give away, from Amazon, yesterday. First, not available from Amzn.ca, second, 'eligible for free shipping' -- if you are in the USA. Finally, each copy would cost $3.99 shipping charge + retail price + extra $1.99 ('duties'?). No way, forget that. I will recoup the $25 extended distribution costs with the savings on 6 copies bought in Canada, alone.
I can buy from Createspace directly, of course, I was just tempted by the 'free shipping' offer. Shipping from CS, also in the States, costs rather less, because they charge for the parcel, not per item in it.
Nobody tells you this stuff, trial and error rules.
Eland Dances, meanwhile, is in hiatus, and I will go ahead with publishing that in print next month, to allow a gap between publications. The point is mostly to have one book always in the list of just published items, and to allow any pushing to concentrate on one thing at a time. Not that I'm doing much pushing, the theory is good, right?
Right now I have two Sherlock stories part written, as my NanoBootcamp effort.  Well behind with the wordcount, at about 10,000 words of a theoretical 50k by the end of June. So long as I produce something readable, I will be happy, never mind a particular wordage. Something produced every day is good.Sherlock in print, US

May 28, 2012

Now in print

A preview of Sherlock, print version
Createspace was surprisingly easy to handle, and there were no glitches anywhere in the process, so Sherlock Holmes Investigates. The Hampshire Expedition is now available from any Amazon site anywhere in the world. Anywhere they have a website, at least.
I went ahead & released it, and it was available on Amazon within hours, rather than the several days I'd expected.
I must check to see if Amazon Canada has it. Createspace has recently announced they will pay directly into a bank account in the US, Uk, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, or France. But not in Canada, so I will have to wait for royalties to reach $100.

April 25, 2012

Smashwords: Can Ebook Data Reveal New Viral Catalysts to Spur Reader Word-of-Mouth?

Smashwords: Can Ebook Data Reveal New Viral Catalysts to Spur Reader Word-of-Mouth? This is a study by Mark Coker which attempts to answer several questions about indie book sales. He has taken statistically significant data gleaned from Smashwords sales records over several years from 2009 for over 1 million titles, and done some analysis. The results are what common sense and my own 'gut' has been saying, but with a weight of certainty only possible when you have a comparable data pool. There are several conclusions of use to me. Price and length of works that sell best are very useful items to know. Romance sells best; we knew that. $2.99 is the sweet spot pricewise, but around $0.03 per word is what sells best, which would mean ebooks of around 100,000 words. Shorter work sells, but rarely makes the top 100. I, fortunately, am content if my stuff sells steadily in the midrange. Perhaps I should try Eland Dances free for a while, and see what happens. He also says free books 'outsell' by 100X their pace when they have a pricetag. I know 'Pink Jewel' gets over 1,000 downloads a month while free, and should sell around 10 a month at 99c. If I can sell 10 a month of Eland, I will be far ahead of where it is presently, so watch this space. I dont think Amazon Prime is where that one is going. I shall simply put it free on Smashwords around the time the print edition comes out.

April 18, 2012

Been a while, eh?

Yes, well, something I have neglected, this blog.
Let's see; I have assembled the four Sherlock Holmes stories that are located in Hampshire into a single e-book, The Hampshire Expedition.
I am almost done with getting Eland Dances into print. My daughter, Penny, is going through the proof print copy, which I've already done, and I shall make the needed corrections and upload that & the final version of the cover to CreateSpace, & whoopee, in print!
The Hampshire Expedition will follow into a Dead Tree Book version very soon after that, and then a 2nd edition of my very first little short story book, Heavy & Light Tales. There will be some stories chopped out & a few added in, plus some editing.
Finally, a print version of Stone Song.
That all seems like a lot of work, but actually it isn't, since the writing is done. All that is required is a careful edit and some formatting, and of course a cover that extends across the spine and back of the book.
I hope it will go smoothly,as all this is while spring does its thing, and I do my spring stuff, like gardening, getting the pond in shape, and redoing the wellhouse roof. The pond needs a new liner. I tried moving the old one so the visible holes were above the waterline, but it still leaks.

January 23, 2012

2012, and the first day of the Year of the Water Dragon

Well, now, let's see. In keeping with the spirit of this Year, I intend to forge ahead boldly, to make the future happen.
I have now published 2 more 'Sherlock Holmes Investigates' stories, 'The Free Trade Consortium' & 'The Lascar's Fate'
& http://amzn.to/xZVJ4I
I intend to assemble the 4 stories located in Hampshire around 1891 into one continuous narrative, and publish that as a novel length work. Those 4 stories are 'Lady Chatterleys Voodoo Dolls' 'The Pink Jewel Conundrum' 'The Free TRade Consortium' and 'The Lascar's Fate'
There is also a story with Hercules Zungo, the witchdoctor from the Kafue River Valley, and Josh Green, the New Forest Gypsy, as the protagonists. This is somewhat steam-punky, and they are involved in some dubious enterprises, the sort of things S. Holmes could not be associated with, and so must have a story all their own, split off from the Sherlock stories. Not quite finished yet.
Also, I have posted 3 more poems on the Poetry page of this blog. Take a look.