March 1, 2010

One year later, here we are again

Time to get doing again. I have recently uploaded the latest version of 'Eland Dances' on There are quite a few other aspiring writers, together with some published authors, who frequent the site.
The carrot is the long-shot possibility of some browsing agent or editor noticing your work and perhaps signing a contract. There is the even more unlikely possibility of Harper Collins, who run the site, liking something they see. The top five books in any given month get a review by Harper Collins editors.
Oh yes, everyone reads and 'backs' work they like. Each backing earns points, and these accumulate. The top five have each been backed by at least 1,200 others. After 2 weeks, mine has been backed by 97.
I don't expect to reach the top rating, but have had feedback from some, either praise or minor critique. Essentially if someone just plain doesn't like your stuff, you don't hear of it, because they simply pass over to something else.
I have been sending out short stories, with some success, and have sent queries to a couple of agents, and the manuscript to one publisher, with no success.
during November i did the NanoWrimo thing again, and now have something over 50,000 words, the bones of another book. Before I get into completing that, I would like to get 'Eland' going again, perhaps published. If there's nothing doing from conventional routes, I shall self-publish, and let Amazon sell it for Kindle.

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