January 4, 2009

Eland Dance

During the last couple of weeks I have sorted out chapter titles, mostly derived from Sixties song titles. Otherwise I have rewritten a few short sections and added a little here and there to link chapters better, and remove references to earlier events which have now been taken out of this version. All in there are just under 67,000 words now. This will probably be close to the final length, though I expect changes will be called for when it finally gets to a publisher.
Next time should be easier. Should have a better idea of what to aim for, and I think my techniques have improved, so less rewriting at least.
I need Beta Readers, though. People who read fiction and can give some sort of objective opinion on the book. With this in mind, I have sent my daughter a PDF and a Word version,to send on to any of her contacts who might fit that bill. Doing it at arms length,through her, might help in getting honesty. Anyone I know would probably have difficulty giving a clear unbiased opinion. Those in my writers group have seen it piecemeal over the past several years, and having had it under the microscope,see it differently to fresh readers.

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