July 1, 2013

Free e-books for July 2013

Get the books on my page at Smashwords

Lucky reader, you will find all 12 of my e-books are free, for the month of July 2013, with coupon code SW100 from Smashwords.com, in any digital format.
The books are listed on their site below the bio stuff here.
I have been very lazy, so should go right away and ensure all 12 e-books are listed on my 'Books' page on this blog.
Of those 12, 3 are presently available in print, Eland Dances, Sherlock Holmes Investigates; The Hampshire Expedition, and Heavy and Light Tales 2012. I am presently working on a print edition of Waking the Stones.
The print books are available from Amazon and Createspace.

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