November 13, 2005

going South

Another early start, heading south from Lusaka in the cool dim morning, this time staying on the main road all the way to Salisbury. They were going to Aunt --'s for the weekend, Henry's sister. They lived in the closed housing compound of a big fertiliser company, an oasis of lawns and flowerbeds in the middle of an African shanty town (quite invisible from inside the high fence)
Crossing the border was pretty easy and casual, no line-up and just a few lines on a form to fill in. On the road again into the boabab and thorn tree bush country of the Zambezi valley,with a huge soft moth with startling great eyes on its wings that had been lying just outside the door on the Rhodesian side..
Soon after the start of the climb out of the valley, where the road began to wind uphill, there was an army roadblock, guys in camo with guns ready. They were alert and aggressive, -------

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